Francisco Marshall

Philanthropy – describes philanthropy as an act of giving away donations in cash, in kind, or in action to promote the welfare of the recipients. Philanthropy is given without restriction and serves as a funding for the operation of another foundation or charitable institution. The recipients for are usually non-profit organizations which activities include seeking public funding to sustain the conducts for humanitarian purposes.


We are a web platform which caters to philanthropic activities and create a long-term plan for donors and recipients alike. Here, you are free to support any non-profit organization of your choice without bounds as you nurture your relationship with them as their donor.

Philanthropists are not always given the time to get up close and personal with their recipient foundations. With the charitable giving foundation creating barriers between these two elements, the ties are dissolved, preventing a relationship that when nurtured, could grow and mature. This is why begs to differ. Instead of walking the same road others had, we do not process gifts and donations.  Instead, we introduce a relationship between these two and just mediate if concerns and obstacles arise.

We sometimes take part in storing donations in kind especially if the recipient foundation has no means for a storage facility. With the insulated garage door we have at the headquarters in Wichita, KS. this prevents spoilage especially if the donation is of the form of consumable goods. But it is still up to the recipient foundation to receive it themselves, and find a facility of their choice. never insists or takes part in any of the processes of receiving.

Our job is to match the preferences of a donor to the recipients and give them a means to communicate and make arrangements regarding the donations and assistance needed. Furthermore, we provide a way for them to have constant updates from each other through our online platform site. We believe that by doing this, we would make a more effective community of impact-makers.


Although our services do not include receiving any type of donations, we provide a means for them to happen. We conduct regular activities of our own that aim to integrate both the recipients and the donors to charitable giving. We usually host a gala bi-annually for everyone to get to know each other. Here, recipient foundations could renew their relationship with their donors, while donors who want to give back to the community are given the chance to meet their potential recipients.

We also conduct fund-raiser once in a while for special projects that would be beneficial to the community. Such fund-raiser includes online bidding for special packages and theatre plays to fund projects like building of sheds and recreational areas for those who need it. Every holiday season, we also lead the fund-raisers that aim to give a little something to those without homes during that time of the year. Moreover, 10% of our annual revenues are distributed as additional operational and administrative funds for Non-Profit Charitable Organizations.

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