Jack Karako

Founder. President. CEO.

Known to have a big heart, Karako has over 30 years of experience ahead of him in the non-profit industry. He has a unique perspective as a donor, and the leader for philanthropic activities that made life-changing impacts to the community.

Our Mission takes advantage of the digital age to encourage a widespread public engagement, social responsibility and strategic philanthropy. We believe that the modernizing structure of the society is made specifically for us to have a better grasp on reaching out to other individuals, and getting more information on how to help them better.

Our Goals is dedicated to harnessing information technology, turning information into awareness, awareness into initiative, and initiative into extensive engagement. Our objective is to maximize the information available on the internet to create a widespread awareness, and to take advantage of its function to engage everyone to philanthropic activities and promote an advocacy brand that establish a community of individuals who could make an impact to the society.

Our Values gives high value to the demonstration of any philanthropic act. Whether through volunteerism, or sponsorship in cash and in kind, we highly encourage outreach to other non-profit philanthropic community. Just on our first year alone, we have distributed an aggregate amount of $50 million for community service. We continue to still provide to more or less 150 000 long-existed, and emerging recipient non-profit charitable organization with annual revenue not exceeding $100 000. We provide FREE one-year free charter membership to those deserving non-profit charitable organizations that is equivalent to over $5 million in value. Moreover, through our partnership with the Broward Community Foundation in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we are devoted in donating 10% of the organization’s annual gross revenues to qualified charitable organization.